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The CFD-training shop offers advanced OpenFOAM tutorials for beginners or experienced users. The tutorials are designed to be made with limited computing capabilities (low number of mesh cells). Each tutorial is designed to help OpenFOAM users to understand how to take advantage of advanced features and capabilities of the code (such as dynamic mesh, Arbitrary motion interface -AMI, overset mesh, 6 DOF solver…). Tutorials can be easily executed by running and following the automated script delivered within each tutorial.

New OpenFOAM tutorials are regularly added to the shop, to be easily informed subscribe to the Newsletter of CFD-Training.

Advanced OpenFOAM tutorials

Why non-free tutorials ?

Standard tutorials delivered with OpenFOAM do not cover all the features and capabilities of the code. Advanced tutorials proposed by cfd-training are designed to model real-world cases in an efficient way (for industrial applications of the code).

Moreover each free tutorial or article shared by CFD-Training is intended to support and help the OpenFOAM user’s community. It’s also the result of intensive work and deep experience of the code, thus advanced tutorials help CFD-training to continue to offer free content in the form of blog posts and tutorials (our posts).

How it works ?

Very easy ! After following and completing the order/payment procedure you will receive the tutorial case on your email address. You can also download the tutorial by logging into your customer account (under the “cfd-shop” tab of the menu).

Free OpenFOAM tutorials

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