OpenFOAM® tutorial : VAWT savonius wind turbine (AMI connexion)


pimpleFoam solver


This tutorial shows how to build a Savonius wind turbine numerical model (2D) with OpenFOAM® using pimpleFoam solver and dynamic mesh functionalities (sliding mesh). The tutorial shows how to approach the use of snappyHexMesh with AMI connections as well as mesh conversion in 2D. AMI connections allow for non conformal mesh connections. The rotational movement of the turbine is calculated from the OpenFOAM sixDOFRigidBodyMotion 6DOF module (i.e The rotation speed is not imposed but calculated by temporal integration of the aerodynamic forces). The geometry of the turbine is created via Salome and the native .hdf file is included.

Calculation time :

  • Around 2h on 4 cores – i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz.


  • Tutorial tested for : OpenFOAM® 1706+ // 1806+ // 1812+ // 1906+ // OpenFOAM® 6.0.

  • The tutorial is designed to run on 4 cores but can be easily modified to be run on the number of core chosen by the user.
  • Paraview (post-processing).
  • Salome (only to open the .hdf geometry file if necessary).

CFD-training does not give any warranty to the numerical results obtained within this tutorial due to the absence of verification or validation.



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