OpenFOAM® tutorial: Passive scalar


icoFoam solver



This tutorial illustrates how to add a passive scalar to the solving of the equation system using OpenFOAM® (libsolverFunctionObjects library). This tutorial is based on the standard OpenFOAM tutorial: cavity tutorial.

For more information, see article How to add a passive scalar to your OpenFOAM® simulations.

Prerequisite/Information :

  • Tutorial tested for: OpenFOAM® 1706+ // 1806+ // 1812+ // 1906+ // OpenFOAM® 6.0.

  • The tutorial is designed to run on 4 cores but can be easily modified to be run on the number of core chosen by the user.
  • Paraview (post-processing).

CFD-training does not give any warranty to the numerical results obtained within this tutorial due to the absence of verification or validation.