OpenFOAM® tutorial: two steps centrifugal pump analysis (MRF and AMI)


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simpleFoam/pimpleFoam solver



This tutorial shows how to perform a CFD analysis for a centrifugal pump with OpenFOAM®. The tutorial is built around a two steps approach :

  • 1st step : Steady state analysis with MRF (Multi Reference Frame) and simpleFoam solver (k-omega SST turbulence model).
  • 2nd step : Transient analysis with AMI (Arbitrary Mesh Interface) and pimpleFoam solver. The initial conditions being the results from 1st step. The transient analysis is carried out using the kOmegaSSTDDES turbulence model (Detached eddy simulation) and special DES hybrid scheme of Travin et al.

The revolution rate of the pump is 1500 rpm.

The mesh is relatively coarse (1 M cells) and should be refined for a DES analysis.

The geometry of the pump comes from Grab Cad : here, thanks to Reza Maleki.

Calculation time :

  • Around 12h on 8 cores


  • Tutorial tested for : OpenFOAM® // 1806+ // 1812+ // 1906+ // 1912+. The tutorial is designed to be used with version of the code.

  • Tutorial tested for : OpenFOAM®  7. Be careful with OF7, the tutorial does not use the DES hybrid scheme and the kOmegaSSTDDES turbulence model (this features are not available with .org version of OpenFOAM®). Instead linearUpwind scheme is used with kOmegaSSTDES turbulence model.

  • The tutorial is designed to run on 8 cores but can be easily modified to be run on the number of core chosen by the user.
  • Paraview (post-processing).

CFD-training does not give any warranty to the numerical results obtained within this tutorial due to the absence of verification or validation.


1 review for OpenFOAM® tutorial: two steps centrifugal pump analysis (MRF and AMI)

  1. monkij

    This tutorial is useful for understanding how AMI works. It has RUN scripts and explanations regarding the functions used in individual files. I recommend it for learning advanced OPENFOAM functions.

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